SugarCRM Q4 2022 Releases

Virtual Lunch & Learn with Sara Tatam

Join us for an exclusive demo session to unpack what the newest release holds for you as a SugarCRM customer

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Join us for our exclusive customer Lunch & Learn demonstration sessions

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This month, join Emma Haines, Customer Service Representative from Provident CRM, as she demonstrates new features, highlights and improvements on SugarCRM for Q4 so that you can leverage them to reach your organisation's goals.

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SugarCRM has been working hard to deliver the latest and greatest in innovation, user experience and value, and we’re very excited to show you what’s in store for the Q4 2022 (12.2) release for Market, Sell, and Serve. 

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What we covered in this session

New Report Dashlet
Report Schedulers
Metrics Tabs & Module
DocuSign Enhancements
User Interface Updates
Doc Merge Enhancements
Mobile App Updates
...and a sneak peak to the new user interface coming in January 2023!

What are Lunch & Learn sessions?


Our Lunch & Learn sessions allow us to interact with our customers and other SugarCRM users, bring value to attendees and help them leverage the platform to accelerate business growth by letting the platform do the work. With help from our experts, users learn to build their confidence in using the system, so that whether they’re just getting started or have been using SugarCRM for some time, they’ll discover new tips and tricks and ways to improve customer experience. We don’t ever want our customers to miss a new update or feature that might be helpful for their business, and we hope that these sessions truly ensure they’re getting the most out of the platform.

Watch the latest

  • Sugar Sell:
    • Forecasting updates
    • Pipeline review
    • Responsive forecast metrics
    • Additional deal filtering
    • Responsive data chart visualisation
  • Sugar Market
    • Internationalisation enhancements
    • Updated UI for managing and creating custom fields
  • Third-party cloud-drive integrations
  • Docusign integration
  • “Favourite” and “Preferred” email sending accounts
  • Updated user interface
  • Dropdown Field Type changes
  • Mobile app changes



  • New calendar
  • DocMerge
  • Light and dark theme options
  • Double-click to edit in listviews
  • Timeline dashlet and filter
  • Focus drawer dashboards
  • Escalations module
  • Multi-select attachments




Meet our CRM experts

Sara Tatam

Sara Tatam

Senior Sales Executive


Emma Haines

Customer Success Representative


Paul McBride

Business Development Manager

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